Here at Via Lippke, it’s all about one on one service. We make sure you get to where you’re going most comfortably, so you can use your energy on the things that matter - music. Contact us today to begin a refreshingly new booking experience with Via Lippke.

After working for 10 years in business travel for companies such as Deutsche Bank, Commerz Bank and Lufthansa City Center, Jacqueline has 20 years of experience that recommends her.

Her attention to detail, loyalty, client focus, personalized service, and extensive comprehension of the industry has allowed her to run Via Lippke successfully for 6 years. In that time many of the most acknowledged names in the electronic music industry have chosen Via Lippke as their choice of travel operator.
For the past 15 years, Christiane has worked in the travel industry, with a unique eye for detail, critical knowledge of her field, and a deep understanding of her clients' preferences. She has leveraged herself to go above and beyond their expectations. Not only does she possess the ability to fulfill her undertaking to her clientele, she provides friendly, personal, and welcoming service that has attracted many artists and agencies to continually book with her.

Christiane was employed as an individual travel operator for Arabiia, however, currently she is now the mother of two beautiful girls and partner of Via Lippke since 2010.
Hailing from his native country of Turkey, Deniz has a multitude of experience in sectors such as tourism, event management, and film. Due to his diverse background, he brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to the company.

After completing his degree in tourism and hosting several major events in Turkey, Deniz relocated to Germany to study film. Since 2011, Deniz has supported the team at Via Lippke and furthermore, he is head of accounting and Christiane’s assistant for airline reservations.
Similar to Deniz, Robbie’s previous experience comes from a profusion of backgrounds. Originally, he started his career in the hospitality sector while completing his qualification in communications, thereafter progressing into event and venue coordination.

With experience in working at 5 star hotels and studying at one of Australia’s most prestigious university, UNSW, Robbie has honed his skills to form vital proficiency in planning/coordination and customer service. In 2013, Robbie relocated to Berlin where he resides as Management Assistant to Jacqueline.

In 2008 I was looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to start my own venture. I love my job as a travel operator and have always had a passion for music. I wanted to incorporate leisure, work, friends and my own personal interests in my next adventure. This combined would become Via Lippke.

My entrance to the music industry began with the opportunity to fill the position of booking assistant for M.A.N.D.Y. In pursuit of focusing on travel bookings, I was selected by Wilde Booking for travel agent operations.

Many of my close friends and colleagues worked in the industry and my extensive network provided many requests for travel. A niche market soon appeared and I took it upon myself to implement a business model. In 2008, Via Lippke was born and from day one the customer base grew solely by word of mouth.

In 2010, my longtime personal friend Christiane joined the business. A twenty-year friendship bound by trust, understanding, and mutual support resulted in a professional team-based business environment. With the expansion of the business and growing number of clients, Deniz and Robbie now support & complete Via Lippke.

The closely integrated team has allowed our business to support the presence of its artists & agencies 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

--Jacqueline Lippke

A knowledge, passion and love for the music and artists we book.
An understanding of the individual needs of clients. Extensive client network.
Strong relationships with key figures in the industry. Long standing history of experience & qualifications from a multitude of different background and sectors. Perspective on the changing dynamics of the scene.

Services Provided:

  • Travel Management for artists, agencies, and promoters
  • 24-hour service, 7 days a week
  • Complete handling of the journey from quotation to final ticket
  • All transport tickets including plane, train and private jet travel
  • Automatic deposit of all personal data, including frequent flyer numbers, seat preferences, meal exceptions etc.
  • Extensive & detailed client database
  • Immediate support for cancellations, strikes, mileage credit
  • Fast-tracked invoicing

Anja Schneider
Alessandro Mosso
Alex Picone
Bruno Pronsato
Clint Stewart
Chopstick & Johnjon
Chris Tietjen
Christian Burkhardt
Dan Andrei
Dan Ghenacia
Dana Ruh
Danny Benedettini
Daniel Stefanik
Daze Maxim
Dj W!ld
Dj T
Dyed Soundorom
Dominik Eulberg
Dorian Paic
Evan Baggs
Fabrizio Maurizi
Frank Lorber
Fumiya Tanaka
Guido Schneider
Idriss Dib
Igor Vicente
Ilario Alicante
Jan Krüger
Jens Bond
Julian Bracht
Julian Perez
Livio & Roby
Laura Jones
Marc Houle
Markus Fix
Matt John
Matthew Dekay
Matthew Styles
Oliver Huntemann
Onur Özer
Petre Inspirescu
Phil Weeks
Ralf Kollmann
RAR (Rampa & Re.You)
Ray Okpara
Rodriguez Jr.
Sammy Dee
Sascha Dive
Sebo K
Secret Cinema
Sonja Mounir
Steve O’Sullivan
Tobi Neumann
Tomas More
Thomas Melchoir
Troy Pierce
Vera Heindel
Yossi Amoyal

Jacqueline Lippke - Founder / Travel Agent
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Christiane von der Heid - Travel Agent
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Deniz Tan - Accounts Manager / Assistant to Christiane
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Robbie Cordukes - Management Assistant to Jacqui
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